Fees & Requirements for Entry

  1. Entries for the G.O.A.T. Cup will be tested for Full Compliance Testing (Potency, Pesticides, Water Activity, & Moisture) as well as Terpene Profiles. Potency will be tested in triplicate & Terpenes will be tested in duplicate. All entries will be judged on consumer vote, aromatics, presentation, and total cannabinoids + total terpenes.

    Note: all samples will be destroyed upon completion of testing and judging.
  2. The Entry Fee for the competition is $100 plus the cost of testing for each entry. Contact ChemHistory for pricing 503-305-5252 or admin@chemhistory.com.

  3. All entries must be submitted no later than October 26th, 2020 By winning you have the opportunity to be featured in the Oregon Leaf, the Daily Leaf, G.O.A.T. Cup Trophy, carrying our licensed digital logo on your physical products, digital and/or published marketing material for 2 years after which the license will expire.
    (Note: the G.O.A.T. Cup is an event that only happens once every two years.)

    Imagine getting more money on your products for the next two years because you won the G.O.A.T. Cup!

  4. In addition to your entry, you will also have a chance to win a $1000 Prize for Best Video Spotlight!

    Submit a video up to 2 minutes long on your Business/Grow that tells:
    1. How you were founded
    2. What makes you stand out from the rest
    3. Work Culture Life
    4. What makes you proud to be your farm
    Your video will be featured on thegoatcup.com.

    Click here for an example of a tutorial on how to shoot and edit a video with your phone, upload it to YouTube, and provide us the link for judging.